NOSE: The daring and aromatic character that will convince any juicy fruit enthusiast who loves sour cherries with the smell alone.

PALATE: The intensity of the flavor bears witness to the greatness of sour cherries and makes us remember the taste of homemade jam and sour cherry desserts made by our grandmothers.

EYE: The famous rosé shade with a hint of cherry is complemented by a bead of bubbles ascending along the body of the glass.

SERVING: Fruit sorbets are perfect for any culinary indulging, and sour cherries are an indispensable in seducing those who like things to be special.

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The taste of the third representative from the ladies’ assortment of aromatic wine-based beverages is characterized by the juiciness and fruitiness of sour cherries. With its bold and aromatic character, it is bound to convince any sour cherry fan. The distinctive Rosé shade is complemented by the persistent ascension of bubbles along the length of the glass. The intensity of its aroma bears witness to the great quality of the sour cherries used and reminds us of the taste of jams or desserts made by our grandmothers. The grapes used are a composition of different varieties from various vineyards of the Frangež Sparkling Wine House, all adding up to the special character of this wine.

Nothing delivers a summer’s culinary indulgence better than a fruit sorbet. However, the sweet aroma of sour cherries is not only great for seducing those with a sweet tooth, but also those who like things to be special.

Varietal composition:
Harvest: exclusively handpicked
Production method: Charmat Method
Alcohol: 11 % vol.
Vintage: 2014

Serving temperature: 4–6 °C
Region of origin: Styria, Slovenia

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