NOSE: Exceptional fruity explosion finished with a touch of ladyness.

PALATE: This wine, with a continuous and harmonious structure, is characterized by the distinctive vineyard peach, making its flavor uncompromisingly breathtaking.

EYE: A charming and elegant golden yellow shade.

SERVING: This wine is best served with desserts made of wild berries and strawberries, however, it also goes well with fresh strawberries or a juicy melon. In the form of a fruit sorbet, it will gratify even the most demanding connoisseurs.

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This time, the natural features of the Styrian winegrowing region have merged in a bold experience of an aromatic wine-based beverage. With its charming golden yellow shade, perfection of bubbles, and exceptional fruity scent this wine is perfect for the ladies. And it is precisely amongst ladies where it found its home. The distinctive vineyard peach style perfects the harmony and continuous wine structure, contributing to its uncompromised intoxicating aroma. One could hardly imagine a summer evening without it.

This wine goes extremely well with desserts, wild berries, strawberries, and melon. In the form of a fruit sorbet, it will convince even the most demanding gourmets.

Varietal composition:
Harvest: exclusively handpicked
Production method: Charmat Method
Alcohol: 10 % vol.
Vintage: 2009

Serving temperature: 4–6 °C
Region of origin: Styria, Slovenia

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