NOSE: The bead of bubbles is perfected by the blossom harmoniously connected into a mosaic of elderflower, soft peach, and lemongrass notes.

PALATE: The harmonious and concrete body made up of the varietal characteristics of four world renowned varieties: chardonnay, welschriesling, sauvignon, and müller-thurgau.

EYE: A soft straw-colored wine with subtle golden yellow shades.

SERVING: This sparkling wine is excellent for starting a birthday party and is best served with light finger food or a selection of delicate cheeses.

Eye, nose, and palate: A varietal composition of four renowned grape varieties (chardonnay, welschriesling, sauvignon, and müller-thurgau) merged into a royal fusion, never experienced before. The bead of bubbles is perfected by an aroma harmoniously connected into a mosaic of elderflower, soft peach, and lemongrass – characteristics contributed by individual varieties. The elegance of bubbles is complemented by the harmonious and concrete body. Each sip of this sparkling wine is more surprising. At least a year of fermentation in champagne yeast reflects on the wine’s continuous intoxicating aroma.

With its aroma and rich body, this sparkling wine is an excellent complement to light appetizers and a great way to welcome the guests at a birthday party.

Varietal composition: chardonnay, welschriesling, sauvignon, müller-thurgau
Harvest: exclusively handpicked
Production method: Cuvée Close – Charmat Method
Alcohol: 12 % vol.
Vintage: 2009

Serving temperature: 6–8 °C
Region of origin: Styria, Slovenia

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