Let’s taste

You are kindly invited to a top-notch bubbling adventure, where you will taste samples of some of the best sparkling wines out there. At the same time, you will also learn about the history of and interesting
facts about our sparkling wine production.

With our guided tours and tastings, we strive make a truly memorable experience that will pry open and tickle each and every one of your senses.

With your newly-acquired knowledge, you will be able to experience sparkling wines from a higher perspective, enabling you to pitch in on many a heated discussion on wine.



11€ Wine cellar tourTasting with 3 sparkling winesBread, cheese 


15€ Wine cellar tour207-year-old press tourTasting with 5 sparkling winesBread, cheese 


26€ Wine cellar tour207-year-old press tourTasting with 7 sparkling winesBread, cheese, cold cuts 


34€ Wine cellar tour207-year-old press tourTasting with 10 sparkling winesBread, cheese, cold cutsGibanica 

Prices are per person including VAT.

We are proud to present our eight varieties of sparkling wine, produced with the traditional method. To accompany our classic selection, we also have four varieties produced with the charmat method, where the sparkling wine matures in specially designed tanks. But our bestsellers are fruit-flavored sparkling wines, characterized by a fine note of fruity aroma.