Frangež Sparkling Wine House

Recently, Frangež Sparkling Wine House has been renovated into an entirely new complex. The wine production line – as is typical in the production of sparkling wines – takes up the first two floors, and that is precisely where our products mature until the very moment they are poured into bottles of utter delight.

The third floor has been transformed into a degustation room with exhibits bearing witness to our rich cultural heritage, where you can feel free to try out the mosaic of flavors our sparkling wine house offers. Anyone who prefers the traditional classic will appreciate our seven sparkling wines produced with the traditional method, while the rest can savor our unique sparkling wines produced with the tank method.

For those with a sweet tooth, we have also prepared an assortment of aromatized ladies’ wines that will – in the form of refreshing and elegant appetizers – conjure a magical summer evening.

On the upmost floor, immediately below the roof, you can find an old winepress which we still use to this very day. Traditional wine pressing is undoubtedly one of the most important symbolisms preserving the cultural tradition at Frangež Sparkling Wine House.

If you wish to celebrate a special occasion at Frangež Sparkling Wine House, we are happy to tell you that so far we have opened our doors to many a young newly-wed couple.

With more than enough room and prestigious sparkling wines for over 500 guests, Frangež Sparkling Wine House gives you the opportunity to celebrate your birthday or special business occasion.



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Wine is sunlight,
held together by water.

Galileo Galilei