When uniqueness convinces even the most demanding!

The Frangež family company continues a 170-year old tradition of sparkling wine production in Gornja Radgona, Slovenia.

The vineyards here are merged with the land, which is kind, undulating and offers the most beautiful sunny position for fine and delicate varieties such as Chardonnay. The selected Chardonnay wines are aged in oak barrels in a 260-year-old cellar which offers excellent conditions for ageing the wines.

In 2007 and 2008 we had a late harvest of Chardonnay grapes, the distillate of which was produced in 2009 under the name; BRANDY TOBACCO ICE DIAMOND LIMITED EDITION with extracts of with extracts of Macedonian tobacco and Brazilian coffee. This unique brandy is bottled in Rogaška crystal bottles surrounded by 24 carat gold. It comes with a unique box set with a certified pure black diamond.

Tobacco Ice Diamond- Premium man’s brandy /34,1 vol%

A unique spirit produced in limited quantities. The uniqueness is due to the production process. It is made only from carefully selected late harvest Chardonnay berries. The 1 liter of distillate is made from 40 litres of late harves Chardonnay, Arabica coffee beans and fresh tobacco leaves.

Tobacco Hot Diamond- Premium woman’s brandy/34,1 vol%

A more aromatic and sweeter version of the premium women’s brandy.

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